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Friday, 14 April 2017

A few days back there was a disturbing fact which I read that the new killer bugs are coming to eat up the Antibiotics submerged within us. Can this be true? Why not! Studies have suggested that the rate with which the viruses and bacteria’s are rising, a time would come when antibiotics would no longer be useful. Viruses are gaining strength over the strong antibiotics humans are consuming, immunities are lacking and strength of human race is declining.

This is a serious problem, the best way to deal with it is that don’t let your body depend on medicines, increase the strength of immune systems. Nature has provided us with ample of herbs to strengthen, revitalize and modify our immune systems. Tayyebi Dawakhana has combined the strength of various miracles of nature into one tonic; Khamira Abrasham Hakim Arshadwala.

Khamira Abrasham Hakim Arshadwala
Khamira Abrasham Hakim Arshadwala is an age old herbal formulation to deal with various problems including General debility and Melancholia. The tonic provides nourishment to the heart and blood vessels using the strength of the best herbs from nature. This would strengthen the immune system naturally and help the body fight naturally with the diseases instead of relying on the antibiotics at all times.

Jigsaw puzzle for diseases
Bacteria’s and viruses can fight with the structures of antibiotics but figuring out the complexities of herbs to become resistant is not easy. It is just like a jigsaw puzzle, viruses can easily create antibiotics puzzle, but cannot break through a natural structure. Tayyebi Dawakhana; Khamira Abrasham Hakim Arshadwala strengthen the immune system so that the body is strong enough to fight the viruses and bacteria’s and the person is less prone to diseases.

The immune system is the first line of defense of the body, it shields it and a healthy immune is a crucial aspect of health and healing, use Tayyebi Dawakhana Khamira Abrasham Hakim 
Arshadwala to boost your immune systems.

Monday, 10 April 2017

It is natural to feel anxious in certain circumstances. For some people anxiety affects and interferes with their daily life. Mental fatigue is a condition characterized by extreme mental tiredness and being unable to concentrate properly. Many people begin to show signs of mental fatigue later in the working day, concentration is low, tasks seems much more troublesome and mistakes are done.

Whereas Anxiety and Restlessness is when you care too much about everything. People usually experience a general state of fear before examination or interview. These feelings are considered normal. Anxiety is considered a problem when symptoms interfere with a person’s potentiality to sleep.

Tayyebi Dawakhana provides cure to help with this condition. Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala from Tayyebi is a widely prescribed compound of the Unani pharmacopoeia, and an excellent cerebral tonic and relaxant. It contains Gaozaban (Borage), Badaranj Boya (Nepeta Herb), Sandal Safed (Sandal) and many other herbs and minerals which make it a powerful nervine tonic. It appears to be a promising treatment for Anxiety and Mental Fatigue.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Memory Loss is basic in grown-ups and requires a provoke analysis and proper care. There can be a few reasons for losing memory some of which are examined below.

Everybody overlooks things eventually. How regularly have you lost your auto keys or overlooked the name of a man you just met? In case you're encountering memory issues finding a proper care is necessary.

Maul Laham is an Arabic name literally translates into ‘flesh juice. Maul Laham is prepared through distillation of meat accompanied with saffron, medicinal and nutritional ingredients. The aqueous distillate obtained thus is a potent antidote for all sorts of physical weaknesses of the organs as well as tissues and muscles in the body. Maul Laham invigorates the body by boosting hormone secretion. It strengthens the organs, regularizes their functioning, and increases physical strength and stamina. It is an excellent source of energy for men and women, and especially beneficial for children in their early development.

When to use Maul Laham?
  • All anemic conditions 
  • Cardiac weakness 
  • General debility 
  • Liver and stomach functioning irregularity 
  • Memory loss 
  • Mental weakness 
  • Physical weakness 
  • Weak immunity 
  • Weak metabolism 
  • Weak nerving system 
  • Weight loss 
Tayyebi Health Care provides quality medicines. For more information about Maul Laham visit our site http://tayyebi.com.pk/arq/maul-laham

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

When it comes to General Weakness, Depression, Low blood pressure, Lethargy and Shortness of breath most of the people take it as a common problem but sometimes these small obstacle leads to considerable affliction.

Depression can be considered as a complicated disease and can be caused due to several reasons. It can be due to some sort of medical conditions, ups and downs in life, and in some of the cases due to heredity.

What are some main causes of Depression?

Many of the people describe depression in different ways. For some, it is a blend of a few variables and some discover no explanation behind its root. Some regular reasons are Life occasions, Mental well being, Physical well being, Genetic inheritance, Medication, drugs and alcohol, Sleep, diet, and exercise. Some general symptoms of depression include Psychotic symptoms, Self-harm and suicide and Anxiety.

Tayyebi Health Care introduces a precious compound Jawahar Mohra is efficacious in overcoming all sorts of weaknesses, mental as well as physical. These tablets are coated with Silver and Gold foils and contain herbs and minerals which provide vigor and vitality to the body and boost the immune system.

For more information about Jawahar Mohra Qism Ala visit our site http://tayyebi.com.pk/hab-qurs/jawahar-mohra-qism-ala

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tayyebi is trying hard to upgrade the level of health by providing comprehensive, inhibitory and healing healthcare solutions through its quality herbal products and clinical facilities.

Diagnosis of a female reproductive health problem starts with a woman’s medical history, physical and pelvic exams, and blood tests to measure hormone levels. Depending on the initial findings, other tests may be needed to complete the diagnosis. This approach applies to a wide range of female reproductive health issues such as Leucorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, General weakness, Muscular pain.

Herbal Supplements
Majoon Supari Pak is perfect for womanly disorders such as Leucorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, General weakness etc. It comes in a powder, 1 teaspoon in the morning with milk.


  • Darchini (Cinnamomum cassia)
  • Illiachi Khurd (Elettaria cardamomum)
  • Magz Badam (Prunus amygdalus)
  • Magz Pista (Pistacia vera)
  • Mocharas (Salmalia malabarica)
  • Mujeeth Surkh (Rubia cordifolia)
  • Supari (Betel Nut)
  • Zaffran (Crocus sativus)
  • Zanjabeel (Zingiber officinale)

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Apparently, we all know quite about the menstrual cycles, like how we get them and how heavy they are. But women have never tried to learn about the problems that occur during the cycles which are hard to handle. This blog will give you some general knowledge about menstrual cycle and the herbal medicine which can be used to treat all of them

Menstrual Cramps
More than half of women who menstruate, grumble about some pain from period cramps for a day or two each month. This time is considered as a terrifying one by every woman. Menstrual cramps are usually not considered as a serious health issue but sometimes the pain is unbearable and we need to take a serious step.

The most common problem in women related to menstrual cycle is Amenorrhea. Women who have missed at least three menstrual periods in a row have this or the girls who haven't begun menstruation by age 15.

The most general cause of amenorrhea is pregnancy. It can also be caused due to the problems with the reproductive organs or glands.

Leucorrhea is a bulky whitish discharge from the vagina. It is a common issue and almost all women would get this during the reproductive cycle. Although the vaginal discharge will be normally white in color, for some women it may be yellow or greenish yellow.

There are a number of aspects of hormonal changes, diabetes, and anemia which cause leucorrhea. However, it's not a serious issue but you need to pay attention only if the vaginal discharge is followed by other symptoms like itching and redness in the vaginal area. Leucorrhea is mainly of two types physiological and inflammatory.

Physiological Leucorrhea is common and is caused by the defense mechanism of the body for restoring chemical balance whereas, Inflammatory leucorrhea occurs when there is vaginal swelling or congestion of mucosa in that area.

Last but not the least Menorrhagia is also common nowadays. Menorrhagia is described as the periods with abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding; it causes enough blood loss and cramping that you can't maintain your usual activities.

The menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon in females essential to their health and well-being. If this cycle becomes irregular, occurs excessively, stops from occurring or occurs with extreme pain and cramps the whole body invariably gets affected leading to other complications such as weakness, anemia, backache and body pain, loss of appetite, anxiety, and hysteria.

Timsi by Tayyebi Health Care an effective medicine helps to regularize the menstrual cycle and eliminated all disorders associated with its imbalance. It strengthens the uterus and ovaries and cures leucorrhea. Get more information from www.tayyebi.com.pk

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Imagine a life without your mother, wife or sister. What kind of life would you have without these beautiful ladies? Maybe a dull and boring life. Women play a very important role in everyone’s life.
They appear in many roles. Sometimes they are your friend and sometimes your teacher. Sometimes
you love and sometimes your instructor. Your life would be a dull one if you won’t have any of these
women in your life. Women make your life colorful by adding the beauty of their love and care to your lives.

Tayyebi Dawakhana provides herbal products for women to lead a healthy life. They provide herbal
products which are important for a healthy lifestyle. Tayyebi Dawakhana wishes every
woman a Happy Women’s Day. Visit www.tayyebi.com.pk for herbal healthcare products.
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