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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

We all don't know that what exactly causes depression. There can be several factors which can make a person depressed and stressful. It can be caused due to any family factor, uncaring relationship, Long-term isolation or loneliness, prolonged work stress and much more. Depression can affect people of any age and it needs a proper and permanent solution as it can lead to immense diseases. 

Depression is a disease which should be treated before something serious happens to health. Jawahar Mohra Qism Ala is a precious compound meticulously formulated by Tayyebi. It is efficacious in overcoming all sorts of weaknesses, mental as well as physical. These tablets are coated with Silver and Gold foils and contain herbs and minerals which provide vigor and vitality to the body and boost the immune system. 

Weakness is common and it can be caused due to Flu, Depression, Lack of sleep, and Vitamin B-12 deficiency, Jawahar Mohra Qism Ala performs multifarious functions and can also be used to treat any kind of weakness. Start curing your stress and weaknesses with Tayyebi without worrying about any side effects. For a healthy life live without depression. 

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Life is getting busier and people are getting more and more engaged in it. Mothers spend the whole day working or by sitting in front of the television. Children have a busy schedule which reduces physical activities. If we talk about the past, children used to spend at least 2 hours of their day playing outdoor games which boost their energy and physical health. In this modern life, we spend half of our day using cell phones.

The intake of healthy nutrient has decreased which results in weakness and one would not be able to compete with others and achieve life goals. Kids avoid drinking milk which makes their bone weaker. Women change their shampoo and beauty products more frequently which sometimes leads to hair fall and poor skin.

As the world is getting modernized we all need easy solutions for our hair, skin, and body. Sometimes we aren't aware of what is happening to our body internally by not taking proper nutrients and healthy food.

Tayyebi Herbals provides herbal solutions for all kind of issues related to body and health care. The amazing product from tayyebi "Shahi" is an all-rounder product which can be used to treat countless health issues. It contains nutrient such as Vitamin-B, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, and Phosphorus which can be used to build immunity, Strengthens teeth, and bones, protects body cell, keeps red blood cells healthy, Enhances immune system, tones up nervine system, essential for DNA synthesis, helps support healthy immune system, helps to control blood pressure and aids in muscle contraction, maintains healthy skin, hair, and bones, helps in metabolism of energy producing nutrients, key component of healthy bones and teeth, protects body cells, nerves and muscles. Shahi has made our life easier as we don't have to buy numerous products to treat every single issue. Tayyebi is a leading herbal company which has been established from 1815 and sells trusted and tested products which don't have any side effects.

Live healthy, live naturally!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

We all have great affection with winters because in the country like Pakistan we spend half of the year in summers and we completely get fed up of it. Cold and chilly weather is everyone's favorite but winters are also dreadful as it brings so many diseases with it which makes life difficult. Nasal congestion, cold, and headaches are common diseases which are caused during winters but sometimes it leads to a massive condition. 

We search for a cure which is natural and doesn't have any side effects. Whenever we think about cure without side effects the first word that comes to our mind is HERBAL! The word is powerful as it sounds. If we talk about the past, we would probably not hear about any kind of conditions which we suffer nowadays. Our ancestors always trusted on herbal uses and some people still believe them. 

Herbal medicines are effective and sometimes it is more effective than the prescribed medicines. Tayyebi is all-powerful in selling herbal products from the past 211 years and it is a trusted herbal company. All the products from Tayyebi are certified and works in the shortest time. Keeping in mind the common infections of cold tayyebi has introduced a single medicine for the cure of all cold infection. Chhinkni the denser is the name the more rapidly it works to cure the infection. It gives instant relief of nasal congestion, cold, and headache. Chhinkni contains menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil which are proven for their decongestant effect. It is ideal for providing relief from itching and dryness of the nose due to extremely dry and cold weather. You can take about a pea-sized amount of powder and sniff it in making sure the powder reaches the inside of the nostril till the tip of the nasal bone. This will induce a series of sneezes by the end of which you will feel relieved and refreshed.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Almond oil is basically an oil which is expressed from bitter almonds, used for cosmetic preparations, flavoring, and medicinal purposes. Nowadays the use of almond oil is increased and therefore, it has a huge demand. Almond oil can be used in many ways some of which include: 
  • To treat dandruff of hair.
  • For treating dark circles. 
  • To treat dry skin etc. 
Almond oil is rich in Vitamin-E, Proteins, potassium and zinc which explains why it is so good for our skin and eyes. 

Tayyebi has been offering many essential oils from years. Almond oil from Tayyebi is made with the best quality of almonds which helps us to reduce Dark circles as well as treat dandruff. Tayyebi is working from over 200 years in providing best solutions for all our problems.

Tayyebi is a company which provides different type of products which are all natural and organic. The Almond oil which they offer is 100% natural which means it is all rich and pure and can be used for many remedies without worrying about any side effects. It is recommended for all kinds of skin. It is a great option for those women who has never used such oils as it will work for both skin and hair. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces redness and itching. It also helps in reducing skin tan which is caused due to harmful sun rays. Now let us discuss some uses of almond oil in detail.

Almond Oil For Hair

Almond oil has all kinds of healthy ingredients for hair like Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin-E and magnesium. It nourishes our hair and also treats hair fall which is the problem of every women nowadays. It can also be used to treat dandruff. Apply a little amount of almond oil every night and wash it the next day with your regular shampoo it will definitely improve your hair condition. 

Almond Oil For Dark Circles

Dark circles can be caused due to many conditions such as heredity, lack of sleep, pigmentation etc. It makes us look old and stressed. Dark circles can be prevented by applying a little amount of almond oil every time before going to bed. Make sure you massage the oil with your finger in circular motions which will create blood circulation around the eyes and help in lightening dark circles. 

Almond Oil For Dry Skin

Dry skin often occurs during winter. Applying a lot of cold creams can be harmful. Almond oil is the best solution for treating dry skin. It will leave your skin smooth and soft like never before.

Friday, 4 November 2016

During the pregnancy period, a to-be mother anxiously waits for her newborn, imagining various changes the baby is going through. Her grand adventure is about to begin, which would not end until her death bed. When the baby is born, his mother is the whole world to him. Every mother tries to provide the best she can at every step of her child's growth and development.

Along with the child mother's health is also very important after childbirth. The initial few days are essential to regain health; she needs proper diet, rest, and daily massage. In many cultures around the world, a new mother is given massage daily along with the baby to boost her strength. Studies have proven that it increases metabolism, balance hormones and improves the functioning of her immune system.

Red oil
One of the best oil prepared especially keeping in mind the needs of a mother and newborn child is the Surkh Oil by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare. The oil is prepared by combining all the essential herbs needed by the body of a mother and newborn child. The oil is for external use only and its massage triggers the development of healthy cells and tones up muscles and nerves.

This Red oil in Pakistan has proven to be beneficial and effective in healing the wounds caused at the time of childbirth. Surkh Oil can be massaged all over the body along with hairs. The oil returns the shine to the hairs, strengthens the follicles and brings luster to hairs. The perfect combination of herbs in this Herbal Body Oil relaxes the mother and the baby. Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has used herbs proven for centuries for their effectiveness. 

Benefits of massage
Massage after pregnancy is important and beneficial, it even provides good sleep and improves breastfeeding. The Surkh Oil by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare restores the body to its pre-pregnancy conditions and is even effective after C-section recovery. But massage after C-section has to be carried out after the scar has healed around 2-3 weeks later. A mother can further inquire about it from her gynecologist. Few common benefits of massaging include:
  • stress reduction, hormone regulation and body relaxation due to improved blood circulation
  • Lower anxiety and depression; usually due to imbalanced hormones new mothers face severe depression in their postpartum period. Massaging helps her. 
  • Reduces severe pain and body aches
  • reduces swelling and helps in reducing the fat tummy 

Monday, 17 October 2016

One of my pals suffered from vertigo, he was in such a stage that doctors had told him strictly not to take flights or travel in deep sea. Once a travelling lover was now bound to just one place, he only had the option to travel in car. Vertigo is a problem which affects the inner ear or the vestibular nerve. The patient often loses balance and gets a spinning sensation. Moreover it results in persistent vomiting and falling down. It is a serious problem and should be consulted by the doctor.

There have been many causes of vertigo like head or brain injuries, ear crystals, brain tumors, migraine, diabetes and other but the major cause is the accumulation of debris in the inner ear. Vertigo affects the cerebellum of the brain which controls the coordination of movement and balance in living things. Brain is one of the major organs of living things and should be strong to withstand all hurdles and problems.

Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare prepares high quality herbal medicines using latest technology and best quality herbs mixed in right quantities. It chooses raw materials after they have been qualitatively tested and approved. Tayyebi has prepared great brain tonics after being tested and undergoing clinical tails. The results have been positive and quite effective for huge number of people.

Dawa-ul-misk Motadil Jawahardar
It is a Unani medicine for strengthening of brain, circulatory system and nervous system. It improves memory, eyesight, regulates the heartbeat and is effective in curing migraine and sinusitis. It is a good herbal medicine to cure many illnesses.

Itriful Ustokhuddus
This herbal formula is proven for its sedative and nervine effect. It is also known as the broom of the brain. It has antispasmodic, antibacterial and antidepressant properties to clean up the brain and strengthen it.

Jawahar Mohra Qism Ala
This herbal formula removes all sort of weaknesses; mental as well as physical. It strengthens the body and the immune system. 

This is prepared with refreshing herbs and fruit syrups to cure acne and pimples, regulate heartbeat, remove dehydration and cure urinary bladder inflammation.

Majoon Munnawin Nuqrai
Has been effective in providing relief against mental stress and exhaustion. Also helps in reducing sleep problems.

For further details contact Tayyebi or visit their website http://tayyebi.com.pk/ 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Last week while reading through the magazine I read the true story of a lady who had turned psychic due to improper diagnosis of mental problem. After she gave birth to a daughter, her in-laws harassed her. And she was send to mental asylum. This is not just one case, many woman suffer the same consequences; excess stress and torture leads to mental weakness.

Is this a wakeup call? We all face a lot of issues daily some are routine and few are serious, brain tackles all in its own way but it has to be strong enough to handle everything. Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare understands the needs of today and to enhance the mental capabilities its herbal tonic Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala is prepared with finest herbal ingredients.

Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala is an excellent cerebral tonic which relaxes the brain and makes it capable to withstand stress and cope up with mental weakness. It is a powerful nervine tonic prepared using Unani method with finest herbs including borage (Gaozaban), sandal, Badaranj Boya (Nepeta Herb) and other such ingredients. All the elements in this nervine tonic have proven to increase the mental abilities of a person since centuries.

All the herbal elements in Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala along with strengthening the brain also soothe problems like migraine, anxiety and restlessness, mental and nervous fatigue and respiratory infections. Taking half teaspoon daily will cure cerebral problems. If diseases like cancer, asthma, diabetes and arthritis can be cure why not mental weakness? Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare's Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala is the safest solution directly from nature.

Currently mental weakness is more common issue compared to diabetes or asthma. Many even don't want to discuss the issue. Few major causes for it are severe emotional, psychological or sexual abuse, major loss in family or neglect. When our brain is no longer able to cope with the situation it dies out. It's necessary to take guidance and help others at this stage, even take medical assistance if the situation worsens. Combined efforts can revert the situation and return back normal life.
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