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Friday, 26 June 2015

Summers are definitely hot yet it is one of the most cherished periods amongst all. It is the time for a break; it is the time for vacations! In summers one can revitalize, rejuvenate and energize oneself to prepare for the year ahead. For the students and children, they aspire to become better by learning and practicing more. For many parents it is the time to ensure that the health of their children improves in this period of time.

It is indeed one of the most practical proverbs; health is wealth. Without a healthy body and its functions one cannot imagine living a comfortable life. To achieve that many home made remedies and food is prepared for ensuring better health conditions. Sometimes tonics are purchased from the markets to do so.

Tayyebi Dawakhana participates actively with such mothers and all such people who are aiming for a better health, immune system and functioning of the body. Shahi is a Unani herbal medicine produced and manufactured by Tayyebi Dawakhana which aims for the betterment of physical functions and performance.

Tayyebi’s Shahi provides complete nutrition to the body and summers is the best time to make use of it for children and teenagers feel lethargic and weak as due to the heat they are unable to consume a proper diet.

Shahi is one of the oldest products of Tayyebi Dawakhana and has taken over the market of herbal Unani medicines ever since its introduction. Tayyebi Dawakhana’s Shahi not only claims excellence in quality but has proved with its promising results in individuals.

So be it summer or winter, Tayyebi’s Shahi is one medicine which shall ensure strength, performance and vitality for optimum functioning of your body. It is excellence that you aim to deliver and for that you need to first ensure an excellent health!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

For years that made decades, Tayyebi Dawakhana has made its mark in the world of herbal medicines and solutions. Today even Tayyebi’s medicines and products are consumed and hold precedence over other allopathic solutions. The simple reason is that of having no side effects. Tayyebi Dawakhana’s products are not only safe in terms of zero side effects but in fact offer additional properties of strength and structure to the body.

One of the renowned brands of Tayyebi is Arq e Gulab; Qism-e-Ala. It is a rose distillate obtained from state of the art distillation plants. Arq e Gulab is actually rose water. This particular rose water as the name signifies is no ordinary extract of roses but in fact is an extract of carefully selected roses
offering extraordinary benefits of relaxation and healing. The product has an amazing demand in the market and continues to be one o the favourites amongst all.

One of the significant and most common use of the product is its use in the eye to sooth them and offers cooling properties. Similarly the product is very effective when used on the skin for it cools the skin and minimizes the effects of acne and blemishes. It calms the burns and sores on the skin making it an effective Unani herbal medicine for healthy skin. The product is used for both internal and external consumption. Drinking half a cup de-stresses an individual and offers relief from mental fatigue and anxiety.

Tayyebi Dawakhana offersArq e Gulab Qism e Aala since years and the appreciation received is a reward in itself. It is the continuous struggle and ambition of Tayyebi Dawakhana to improve the quality and nature of the products to keep maximizing the health benefits the products offer. Tayyebi has been offering products and tonics which ensure health of the body and is known for consistency of the ingredients and sustenance of quality.

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