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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Life is getting busier and people are getting more and more engaged in it. Mothers spend the whole day working or by sitting in front of the television. Children have a busy schedule which reduces physical activities. If we talk about the past, children used to spend at least 2 hours of their day playing outdoor games which boost their energy and physical health. In this modern life, we spend half of our day using cell phones.

The intake of healthy nutrient has decreased which results in weakness and one would not be able to compete with others and achieve life goals. Kids avoid drinking milk which makes their bone weaker. Women change their shampoo and beauty products more frequently which sometimes leads to hair fall and poor skin.

As the world is getting modernized we all need easy solutions for our hair, skin, and body. Sometimes we aren't aware of what is happening to our body internally by not taking proper nutrients and healthy food.

Tayyebi Herbals provides herbal solutions for all kind of issues related to body and health care. The amazing product from tayyebi "Shahi" is an all-rounder product which can be used to treat countless health issues. It contains nutrient such as Vitamin-B, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, and Phosphorus which can be used to build immunity, Strengthens teeth, and bones, protects body cell, keeps red blood cells healthy, Enhances immune system, tones up nervine system, essential for DNA synthesis, helps support healthy immune system, helps to control blood pressure and aids in muscle contraction, maintains healthy skin, hair, and bones, helps in metabolism of energy producing nutrients, key component of healthy bones and teeth, protects body cells, nerves and muscles. Shahi has made our life easier as we don't have to buy numerous products to treat every single issue. Tayyebi is a leading herbal company which has been established from 1815 and sells trusted and tested products which don't have any side effects.

Live healthy, live naturally!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

We all have great affection with winters because in the country like Pakistan we spend half of the year in summers and we completely get fed up of it. Cold and chilly weather is everyone's favorite but winters are also dreadful as it brings so many diseases with it which makes life difficult. Nasal congestion, cold, and headaches are common diseases which are caused during winters but sometimes it leads to a massive condition. 

We search for a cure which is natural and doesn't have any side effects. Whenever we think about cure without side effects the first word that comes to our mind is HERBAL! The word is powerful as it sounds. If we talk about the past, we would probably not hear about any kind of conditions which we suffer nowadays. Our ancestors always trusted on herbal uses and some people still believe them. 

Herbal medicines are effective and sometimes it is more effective than the prescribed medicines. Tayyebi is all-powerful in selling herbal products from the past 211 years and it is a trusted herbal company. All the products from Tayyebi are certified and works in the shortest time. Keeping in mind the common infections of cold tayyebi has introduced a single medicine for the cure of all cold infection. Chhinkni the denser is the name the more rapidly it works to cure the infection. It gives instant relief of nasal congestion, cold, and headache. Chhinkni contains menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil which are proven for their decongestant effect. It is ideal for providing relief from itching and dryness of the nose due to extremely dry and cold weather. You can take about a pea-sized amount of powder and sniff it in making sure the powder reaches the inside of the nostril till the tip of the nasal bone. This will induce a series of sneezes by the end of which you will feel relieved and refreshed.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Almond oil is basically an oil which is expressed from bitter almonds, used for cosmetic preparations, flavoring, and medicinal purposes. Nowadays the use of almond oil is increased and therefore, it has a huge demand. Almond oil can be used in many ways some of which include: 
  • To treat dandruff of hair.
  • For treating dark circles. 
  • To treat dry skin etc. 
Almond oil is rich in Vitamin-E, Proteins, potassium and zinc which explains why it is so good for our skin and eyes. 

Tayyebi has been offering many essential oils from years. Almond oil from Tayyebi is made with the best quality of almonds which helps us to reduce Dark circles as well as treat dandruff. Tayyebi is working from over 200 years in providing best solutions for all our problems.

Tayyebi is a company which provides different type of products which are all natural and organic. The Almond oil which they offer is 100% natural which means it is all rich and pure and can be used for many remedies without worrying about any side effects. It is recommended for all kinds of skin. It is a great option for those women who has never used such oils as it will work for both skin and hair. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces redness and itching. It also helps in reducing skin tan which is caused due to harmful sun rays. Now let us discuss some uses of almond oil in detail.

Almond Oil For Hair

Almond oil has all kinds of healthy ingredients for hair like Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin-E and magnesium. It nourishes our hair and also treats hair fall which is the problem of every women nowadays. It can also be used to treat dandruff. Apply a little amount of almond oil every night and wash it the next day with your regular shampoo it will definitely improve your hair condition. 

Almond Oil For Dark Circles

Dark circles can be caused due to many conditions such as heredity, lack of sleep, pigmentation etc. It makes us look old and stressed. Dark circles can be prevented by applying a little amount of almond oil every time before going to bed. Make sure you massage the oil with your finger in circular motions which will create blood circulation around the eyes and help in lightening dark circles. 

Almond Oil For Dry Skin

Dry skin often occurs during winter. Applying a lot of cold creams can be harmful. Almond oil is the best solution for treating dry skin. It will leave your skin smooth and soft like never before.

Friday, 4 November 2016

During the pregnancy period, a to-be mother anxiously waits for her newborn, imagining various changes the baby is going through. Her grand adventure is about to begin, which would not end until her death bed. When the baby is born, his mother is the whole world to him. Every mother tries to provide the best she can at every step of her child's growth and development.

Along with the child mother's health is also very important after childbirth. The initial few days are essential to regain health; she needs proper diet, rest, and daily massage. In many cultures around the world, a new mother is given massage daily along with the baby to boost her strength. Studies have proven that it increases metabolism, balance hormones and improves the functioning of her immune system.

Red oil
One of the best oil prepared especially keeping in mind the needs of a mother and newborn child is the Surkh Oil by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare. The oil is prepared by combining all the essential herbs needed by the body of a mother and newborn child. The oil is for external use only and its massage triggers the development of healthy cells and tones up muscles and nerves.

This Red oil in Pakistan has proven to be beneficial and effective in healing the wounds caused at the time of childbirth. Surkh Oil can be massaged all over the body along with hairs. The oil returns the shine to the hairs, strengthens the follicles and brings luster to hairs. The perfect combination of herbs in this Herbal Body Oil relaxes the mother and the baby. Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has used herbs proven for centuries for their effectiveness. 

Benefits of massage
Massage after pregnancy is important and beneficial, it even provides good sleep and improves breastfeeding. The Surkh Oil by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare restores the body to its pre-pregnancy conditions and is even effective after C-section recovery. But massage after C-section has to be carried out after the scar has healed around 2-3 weeks later. A mother can further inquire about it from her gynecologist. Few common benefits of massaging include:
  • stress reduction, hormone regulation and body relaxation due to improved blood circulation
  • Lower anxiety and depression; usually due to imbalanced hormones new mothers face severe depression in their postpartum period. Massaging helps her. 
  • Reduces severe pain and body aches
  • reduces swelling and helps in reducing the fat tummy 

Monday, 17 October 2016

One of my pals suffered from vertigo, he was in such a stage that doctors had told him strictly not to take flights or travel in deep sea. Once a travelling lover was now bound to just one place, he only had the option to travel in car. Vertigo is a problem which affects the inner ear or the vestibular nerve. The patient often loses balance and gets a spinning sensation. Moreover it results in persistent vomiting and falling down. It is a serious problem and should be consulted by the doctor.

There have been many causes of vertigo like head or brain injuries, ear crystals, brain tumors, migraine, diabetes and other but the major cause is the accumulation of debris in the inner ear. Vertigo affects the cerebellum of the brain which controls the coordination of movement and balance in living things. Brain is one of the major organs of living things and should be strong to withstand all hurdles and problems.

Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare prepares high quality herbal medicines using latest technology and best quality herbs mixed in right quantities. It chooses raw materials after they have been qualitatively tested and approved. Tayyebi has prepared great brain tonics after being tested and undergoing clinical tails. The results have been positive and quite effective for huge number of people.

Dawa-ul-misk Motadil Jawahardar
It is a Unani medicine for strengthening of brain, circulatory system and nervous system. It improves memory, eyesight, regulates the heartbeat and is effective in curing migraine and sinusitis. It is a good herbal medicine to cure many illnesses.

Itriful Ustokhuddus
This herbal formula is proven for its sedative and nervine effect. It is also known as the broom of the brain. It has antispasmodic, antibacterial and antidepressant properties to clean up the brain and strengthen it.

Jawahar Mohra Qism Ala
This herbal formula removes all sort of weaknesses; mental as well as physical. It strengthens the body and the immune system. 

This is prepared with refreshing herbs and fruit syrups to cure acne and pimples, regulate heartbeat, remove dehydration and cure urinary bladder inflammation.

Majoon Munnawin Nuqrai
Has been effective in providing relief against mental stress and exhaustion. Also helps in reducing sleep problems.

For further details contact Tayyebi or visit their website http://tayyebi.com.pk/ 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Last week while reading through the magazine I read the true story of a lady who had turned psychic due to improper diagnosis of mental problem. After she gave birth to a daughter, her in-laws harassed her. And she was send to mental asylum. This is not just one case, many woman suffer the same consequences; excess stress and torture leads to mental weakness.

Is this a wakeup call? We all face a lot of issues daily some are routine and few are serious, brain tackles all in its own way but it has to be strong enough to handle everything. Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare understands the needs of today and to enhance the mental capabilities its herbal tonic Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala is prepared with finest herbal ingredients.

Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala is an excellent cerebral tonic which relaxes the brain and makes it capable to withstand stress and cope up with mental weakness. It is a powerful nervine tonic prepared using Unani method with finest herbs including borage (Gaozaban), sandal, Badaranj Boya (Nepeta Herb) and other such ingredients. All the elements in this nervine tonic have proven to increase the mental abilities of a person since centuries.

All the herbal elements in Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala along with strengthening the brain also soothe problems like migraine, anxiety and restlessness, mental and nervous fatigue and respiratory infections. Taking half teaspoon daily will cure cerebral problems. If diseases like cancer, asthma, diabetes and arthritis can be cure why not mental weakness? Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare's Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala is the safest solution directly from nature.

Currently mental weakness is more common issue compared to diabetes or asthma. Many even don't want to discuss the issue. Few major causes for it are severe emotional, psychological or sexual abuse, major loss in family or neglect. When our brain is no longer able to cope with the situation it dies out. It's necessary to take guidance and help others at this stage, even take medical assistance if the situation worsens. Combined efforts can revert the situation and return back normal life.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Five days a week are so busy that many people hardly get half an hour to relax outside or even calmly sip a cup of coffee or tea. The days are spend in office, working on computers, meeting with clients, dealing with file, preparing orders and working on deadlines. This over stressed work has laid a huge burden on our brain which is constantly working the whole day long.

Brain also needs rest for sometime otherwise its capabilities can reduce. Or it needs a tonic which improves and increases its functioning. The herbal formula is available at Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare. Their successfully prescribed formula Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala is a superb cerebral tonic and relaxant. The formula is prepared with great herbs which makes it a great nervine tonic. 

When the brain is heavily saturated with stress and tension its functioning gradually fades down. It is not able to think of new and creative ideas and the motivation level decreases. Many people start having migraine. In case of extreme conditions mental weakness follows. Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare is the solution for all these problems.

Khamira Gaozban Amberi Jawaharwala by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare uses natural herbs like borage and sandal which are known for their nervine properties. They relax the mind and are cooling herbs being used since ancient times. Ayurvedics have claimed that these and other herbs in nervine tonic not only increase its power but also cure many brain related diseases.

It is true that in today's world where there is cut throat competition everywhere, we all want to win the race but many are not able to withstand the day to day pressure. Herbal tonic can be a great help. Along with increasing the power of the brain it will also heal your stress giving you the ability to think out of the horizon to win the competition.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Life sees both good and bad days, each morning cannot be sunshine and the darkness is never eternal. But tackling the bad times is difficult. Anxiety, sadness, depression, stress and hypertension all greatly impact person's physical health and lives. Millions of people are treated for these problems by psychiatrist and psychotherapist and many have cured.

Medical science is filled with unlimited options to cure anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia, high blood pressure and other related problems but it has been proven that many medicines have shown adverse effects when used for longer time. Even they have lead to other serious diseases in older age.

Diseases like Parkinson and schizophrenia are also outcome symptoms in people who indulge in lot of depression, anxiety and hypertension medicines in their lifetime. NIDS - Neuroleptic Induced Deficit Syndrome is a condition which changes a person's emotional awareness, sense of aliveness, speed of thinking and doing actions and thoughts; which is also a result of these medicines.

Herbal medicines are safer; Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare prepares Sipron using purest forms of herbs which contain best healing properties. Herbs such as nervine and asrol are used along with rawolfia which are proven to be calm nerves and treat many types of psychological disorders along with anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia and high blood pressure.

Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare prepares all its products using century's old recipe which is safe and effective. It uses the Tibb-e-Unani method to come up with best, reliable and safer results. While preparing Sipron, Tayyebi uses Rawolfia serpentine which has been proven to safely treat the problem. It also reduces the high blood pressure and calms the person.

Depression will try to take out the life from inside of you, never let that happen. Fight for it. Let joy and happiness dominate and if needed choose safer herbal ways of remedy. Which are safe, reliable and will not harm even in older age. Darkness will leave but only if a person wants. To know about more herbal products log on http://tayyebi.com.pk

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The month of prayers, fasting, forgiveness, blessings and generosity has arrived; Ramadan is the
most pious month for Muslims in which they show their complete devotion to Allah. Along with
prayers and fasting it is the month full of opportunities for Iftar parties and delicious Sehri and

Brotherhood and togetherness is reflected in Ramadan, it is the time to invite family, friends and
yes, food. Iftars are incomplete without pakoras, samosas and other oily items resulting in acidity
issues during the month. Blood cholesterol rises leading to acidity and digestion problems.

During the day the stomach is empty but immediately at Iftar intake of spicy and fried food starts
which can lead to digestive issues including constipation and stomach ache. Intake of healthy
food is necessary during Ramadan with good amount of water and fibre rich food at Sehri time.
Even tea should be taken in a moderate amount at Sehri time to avoid excess loss of minerals in
the body.

Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has Kasirin for indigestion which can tackle your digestive issues.
After intake of a huge meal when you feel something wrong in the stomach or after an oily Iftar
have Kasirin. It is an herbal product prepared with natural herbs to provide instant relief. Experts
at Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare have combined various compositions to come up with a perfect

Kasirin for indigestion by Tayyebi also improves stomach, intestine, liver and kidney functions.
It is completely herbal and does not harm your body. This Ramadan Kasirin can protect your
stomach from indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation and stomach ache. To
stay active and healthy it is necessary to include all types of food in diet and in case of cravings
treat them in moderation.

Iftar does not mean an uncontrolled attack on food; start with dates and energized juices or fruits
then move on to heavier meals. Develop self control. Little suggestion which could help in

 take care of the calories in your intake and decide smartly what you have to eat
 regularly do exercise, not too strenuous ones during fasting
 Eat carefully and controllably during Sehri and Iftar
 Choose healthy alternatives to fatty food

Sunday, 26 June 2016

These long days with blazing summer heat, when Muslims are fasting for about 16-18 hours depending on the country they live in or even more, special precaution have to be taken to stay healthy. This includes right diet, exercise and sleep. Dehydration is a common issue; normally drinking 8-10 glasses of water is required during the non fasting hours, failure to do so results in signs of dehydration.
Liquid intake has to be balanced in Ramadan; along with water having lassi and fresh fruit juices is also beneficial. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of hydration especially watermelon, pomegranate, grapefruit, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and apples. They are even rich sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Sharbat Anar

Pomegranate is an excellent source of hydration, taken in non fasting times can maintain the water level in the body. Pomegranate juice or Sharbat Anar is most refreshing drink which does not increase the blood glucose level or won't increase the calories like many other drinks and juices but provides sufficient amount of water. It is best to be taken at Iftar or sehri time and in between especially in these hot summers.

Recipe for Sharbat Sandal and Sharbat Gulab

Another refreshing choice can be Sharbat Sandal by Tayyebi Herbal healthcare. People even prefer to mix it with Sharbat Gulab for extra rich taste. The simple recipe to prepare sandal sharbat is by soaking the sandalwood in rosewater for 24 hours and then cooking on fire. Then stain the mixture and fill in the bottles. Or mix the prepared Sharbat Sandal with Sharbat Gulab for delicious taste fit to fight dehydration.

Benefits of Sandalwood

Sandalwood has many benefits; Sharbat Sandal is an excellent source of hydration especially for the skin. Our skin often dries out in Ramadan and appears to tighten up. Sharbat Sandal taken during the month of Ramadan provides nourishment to the skin. It is a tested Ayurvedic remedy or an herbal treatment to remove pimples, acne, blemishes, rashes and dark spots from the skin.

Herbalist even use sandalwood to treat eczema, psoriasis and ringworm, it's also effective for anti tanning and anti aging and naturally improving the skin complexion providing a soft and clear skin. Sharbat Sandal should be taken in Ramadan along with cooling effect it is also a cardiac tonic so stay active and healthy leaving your skin soft and nourished

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The arrival of Ramadan showers benefits and blessings. The month brings us spirituality and purity in our hearts. Along with the pureness Ramadan brings along spicy sehris, empty stomachs and then heavy iftaris and dinners. All of this can easily make you suffer through indigestion.

Indigestion usually covers the pain in your upper tummy which then results in heartburn, nausea,constipation and diarrhea as well. Most commonly it the burning pain in your upper stomach travelling behind your breastbone.

Talking about constipation and diarrhoea maybe something people look down upon but it is one of the major problems that is very common amongst all. For some of us it may be occasional but for some individuals, it is an everyday headache. We’ve always seen people applying different house remedies or trying numerous medicines or just ignoring it until it makes them suffer hard.

In today’s fast track world, it is very important to keep ourselves healthy and for that people need a remedy which is reliable and works at the same speed.

Use of herbal products is an aid that can be taken into use and that too for a longer period of time.

Tayyebi’s Kasirin is a perfect solution for indigestion. It is a herbal indigestion syrup which is an amazing remedy for constipation and diarrhea that can soothe and calm the pain caused by indigestion.

Depending on the products of Tayyebi herbal healthcare products like Kasirin can be very fruitful and can give surprising results without any side effects due to its herbal nature. The effective dosage of Kasirin can be a safe cure for you and your family.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

When we were small I remember my mom giving me few almonds everyday in the morning with breakfast, surely it kept me healthy the whole day. Almond is blessed naturally with many powers; it reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, reduces hunger and aids in weight loss.

A bottle of Sweet Almond Oil from Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has limitless benefits in it, it is an Herbal product prepared by extracting out oil from the almonds in its most pure and natural forms. Sweet Almond Oil is an extremely nourishing oil best for dry scalp and itchy, dehydrated dry skin.

Sweet Almond Oil is thick oil and massaging it often on the scalp keeps the hairs healthy, smooth and thick. It even lightens dark marks on the skin especially scars and dark circles under the eye. In short Sweet Almond Oil from Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare is used as;
  1. an oil for treating dark marks on the skin or dark circles below the eyes
  2. moisturise and nourish dry skin and dry scalp
  3. Treating eczema and psoriasis, the oil also heals blemishes.

Treating dried acne prone skin

To treat dried, acne prone skin an effective method is by first cleansing the skin and then using the jojoba oil under the sunscreen in the morning. Then at night before going to bed use few drops of Sweet Almond Oil on the face and neck. This would improve the skin and give positive results after few weeks. Sweet Almond Oil is herbal oil so it would not harm the skin or damage it.

Use of vitamins in Sweet Almond Oil

When buying Sweet Almond Oil be careful that its natural and pure oil which is certified organic, like Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare prepares oil in its purest form without any added chemicals. Even it has been proved scientifically that Sweet Almond Oil comprises of vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A which aid in strong and healthy hair fibers.

Sweet Almond Oil contains vitamin E which moisturises the skin and keeps it nourished whole day. Saloons and spas use Sweet Almond Oil for massaging and relaxation therapies. We go there and spend huge bucks of money instead using Sweet Almond Oil by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare regularly on skin and hair can keep you looking young, moisturized and healthy the whole day.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Rose represents love, its sweet fragrance and freshness creates a divine feeling. Rose water is used widely and holds many benefits. According to an old tale, it all started in ancient times
from Persia when the emperor ordered roses to be filled in water in his majestic court for his
royal wedding.

After the wedding when the couple was walking through the garden, the empress was too
fascinated from the fragrance of roses in the water that she touched it and felt wonderful.
Therefore it was from Persia that rose water was discovered. Today rose water is used
widely for skin, eye and other areas.

Arq-e- gulab by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare is prepared with fresh gulab. Arq-e- gulab is
completely an herbal product prepared from fresh farm roses. These are grown naturally
without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides which could hinder the purity of rosewater. Tons of roses are harvested, then handpicked and washed to remove any impurities.

After that they are used to prepare Arq-e- gulab by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare. Therefore the
product is completely natural and free from any added preservatives.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Markets are flooded with lots of cosmetic products, miracle oils, creams and other options for healthy skin, shiny hairs, manicure and pedicure and plenty of other beauty stuff. But the most beneficial options for all this could be the use of herbal or the Unani system of Medicine.

Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has a natural cure for dry skin, dry scalp and constipation. Creams, moisturizers and other beauty cream products have been prepared today and many have often reacted adversely but herbal formulas have been successful since decades. Egyptians and Roman are known for their beauty and silky hairs, the chief ingredient in their beauty formulas was almond oil.

Cleopatra, the famous and most beautiful Egyptian Queen used Almond Oil for Skin and for hairs. Obviously at that time hair straightening and expensive skin facials were not available. Her beauty secrets consisted of natural products including almonds, honey, milk, henna and red ochre, etc.

Sweet Almond Oil has been used since many years. Although many of us are still not aware of the benefits it can provide. The oil is rich in all essential vitamins including A, E and D necessary for skin, hair and overall health. It also contains fatty acids, proteins and a number of minerals. Few noteworthy uses of Sweet Almond Oil include;
  • Say no to dry skin. Antioxidants like vitamin A and E provide nutrients and nourish the skin making it soft and smooth
  • The oil keeps the skin young by removing wrinkles and maintaining a fair complexion. Ladies can note this; sweet almond oil can act as an effective anti aging cream which is safe and effective. 
  • It prevents dehydration by sealing the moisture inside
  • Sweet Almond Oil can be mixed with many other natural products to prepare homemade cleansers, creams, scrubs and much other stuff. The almond can also be grinded and mixed in oil and applied to exfoliate the skin. 
Get your sweet almond oil from Tayyebi herbal healthcare; it is an herbal product which has preserved all the natural goodness of almond in one bottle.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Many of us are not aware of the goodness of almond oil. Although being one of the most necessary oils it is not available at many homes. Ask an Aroma Therapist or a beautician about it and she will tell you the value of it. Almond oil can do wonders.
The world runs crazy for skin and hair care products but does anyone consider what ingredients in them make them worth it. Almond oil is one of the main ingredients of most of the skin and hair care herbal products. Almond has many benefits, its oil can be used every day and there is no need to mix it with any other ingredient.

The sweet almond oil by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare itself has so many properties; it relieves constipation, reduces cholesterol, is great for massaging dry scalp and dry skin, can be used in skin and hair treatments and much more. Even the sweet almond oil can be used on sensitive skin.

Sweet Almond Oil is used in many face creams; body scrubs and lip balms but why not make use of it as oil. Even compared to these expensive products almond oil has less price but is much more effective. It contains all necessary vitamins including Vitamin E, A, B1, B2 and B6. These all are needed for a good skin.

Sweet Almond Oil by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare is a pure and natural product prepared with finest almonds. It is a daily care product.

Almond Oil for Skin

The vitamins maintain the moisture level of the skin; it makes the skin soft, supple and glowing. Prevents signs of aging and reduces dark circles. Improves the texture of skin and various paste can be prepared with this oil to prevent blackheads, tanning and soften the skin.

Almond oil for hairs

Most of the girls dream for long shiny and healthy hairs. Sweet almond oil is rich in magnesium which prevents hair fall. It even softens the hair and improves its texture making it look healthier. To get rid of split ends mix it with castor and olive oil and you will see the results. It is also effective in reducing dandruff and curing the dry scalp.

Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare Sweet Almond Oil's other benefits

The oil serves many other beauty purposes. It is used in manicure and pedicure and to get strong shiny nails. It helps in the growth of thick eyelashes and also improves brain functioning and memory.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Sore throat and cough today are not only common but very much a way of life. Every 3rd person we come across in everyday situations has a cough or taking some kind of medicine to take care of runny nose or sore throat they suffer from.

In today's fast paced lifestyle it is imperative for each person to take care of their health round the clock, 365 days a year. It is no longer a choice but a necessity.

There are children today being born who suffer from the issues of sensitivity to the climate from day one. It is not advisable to put them on medication right from the beginning. There have been reported cases of toddlers being immune to the doses of antibiotics due to its overdose. These children have a weak immune system and repeatedly fall prey to the maladies of the polluted environment we live in.

The use of herbal medicine is something we all should and could do for a longer period of time.

Tayyebi's Sharbat Shehtoot is an effective remedy for cough and sore throat. People with tonsillitis will also find Sharbat Shehtoot effective, as it soothes inflamed tonsils.

Hence to rely from the very beginning on herbal doses offered by Tayyebi Dawakhana like Sharbat Shehtoot seems a more dependable option. These mild yet effective doses shall keep not only you and your family safe from common illnesses of the throat and nasal cavity but promise and sustain good health.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What if you bring the yummiest steak filled with lots of cream and cheese sauce in front of meat lover who is on a diet or creamy and delicious ice cream in front of a dieting woman? How difficult would it be for her to resist it? Controlling hunger is not easy whether it is a male or a female.
Obesity is a very common problem faced globally in most parts of the world. One of the main causes of this is our wrong eating habits and lazy lifestyles. Obesity is also the major reason for many diseases, even the lethal ones. Tempting treats may just be good till the taste buds but they may be the worst enemy of your heart and stomach.

Markets today are bombarded with various weight loss syrup. Consumers find a new product every time; all companies are trying to make new formulas that might work to maintain a slim trim shape. But is this all right and safe or is there really a miracle weight loss product? Although much research is carried out by the experts in this area and modern medical technology has answers to many problems but still there are few areas where traditional methods are more effective and safer.
Arq Obesol is a Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare's well known old traditional product which has been treating obesity since years. This Natural Weight Loss Medicine has been created with high quality natural herbs, free from any chemicals, to lose weight.  The Traditional medicine has combined powers of nature in one weight loss syrup. It's prepared with Unani method and is a true companion in your weight loss journey.
The fat burning herbs in Arq Obesol not only tone your body without harming it but also have carminative properties and strengthen stomach, aids in digestion, improve liver functioning, regulate bowel movements and have many other functions.  This   herbal weight loss product will keep you healthy and active.
Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has a history of healing herbs. They have combined together today's modern science with the traditional methods which although didn't pass any trial and error method but were safe and effective. Herbal products can not harm, they show positive results and are being used successfully since ages.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Exercise is necessary for physical fitness. It not only keeps us healthy and active but also prepares our body to fight against certain diseases. But for asthma sufferers continuous exercise can be a trigger. Asthmatic people cannot continue strenuous exercise for longer hours; but is quitting workout the solution?

Only right diagnosis and treatment can help. For all those suffering from Cough, allergy, Asthma and sore throat the best solution lies in Herbal or Unani medicines. These are safe, free from heavy dosed chemicals and usually have a prolonged effect. Suazol by Tayyebi herbal healthcare provides quick relief from cold and cough.

For all those who wish to lead a healthy life in spite of suffering from asthma should try Suazol. The syrup is fast acting and made with pure Unani formula free from harmful chemicals. During asthma the airway reduces in size, it is narrowed, swollen or filled with mucus which leads to difficulty in breathing. Suazol treats the airway.

Persistent cough which often occurs at night can also be treated by Tayyebi herbal healthcare's Suazol. It clears the airway by clearing up the mucus and treating the shortness of breath. It has also been observed that asthma is triggered more by cold and dry air compared to the warmer and humid air so sufferers have to be careful.

Asthma is triggered by exercise, it often happens that few minutes after the exercise the asthmatic patient starts having;
  • shortness of breath, 
  • his stamina reduces, 
  • chest tightens, 
  • sore throat, cough or upset stomach
But these all can be treated naturally with herbal medicines. Herbal Cough Syrup, Suazol is all-rounder syrup treating asthma and other related problems. Try Suazol from Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, gout, osteoarthritis and many other diseases have become common nowadays. Hospitals and Clinics are crowded with such places; one of the major causes of these life threatening diseases is Obesity. People have forgotten to eat healthy food, junk and oily food is preferred more, life styles have changed, exercising is reduced and machines have replaced human efforts.

People often wonder how much they should weigh depending on their height and age. Height and age play an important role in the calculation of weight. BMI formula can be used to find out the weight one should have. Taking care is important, everyone's weight might differ but it should be relevant to ones BMI in order to stay healthy and fit.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
The BMI is the calculator for your body; one method is to use the BMI metric system in which the weight in kilograms is separated by square of elevation in meters. The other method is Imperial system in which first we have to calculate the weight and then increase it by 703. The answer is then divided by square of your height in inches.
The people are categorized based on their BMI ratings. They are undernourished, normal, overweight or obese. Few ratings vary at different places. If your BMI comes in overweight or obese ratings you have to be careful. Obesity is the chief cause of illnesses. Choose Unani or herbal syrups which would aid in losing weight.

Weight loss syrup
Controlling weight gain is important, Natural Weight Loss Medicine Arq Obesol by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare is an effective herbalweight loss product. It is a traditional medicine using fine quality herbs prepared with conventional methods for losing weight. Internet and books are filled with weight losing tips, but are they safe or effective or can they be harmful?

Taking wrong drugs can be life threatening
Every other person has a different weight losing technique; newspapers and social media websites are filled with slimming pills and formulas but what do they actually contain or what if they don't suit you it can be dangerous to health. Don't just try any pill, they would be like quack life threat. Even we have heard of many bad incidents when due to adverse reactions huge mishaps occur and even people have lost their lives.

Arq Obesol by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare is a completely safe product prepared with high quality herbal products. It is fee from artificial colouring and chemicals and is a natural formula to shape your body. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Since the onset of winters Cough, cold and different allergy has spread out in the air. There is hardly any home where no one has been sick, viruses are spread over at schools and workplaces. Children are mostly its victims; they catch the flue in school from their peers and bring it home. It seems as if cough and cold is a necessary part of growing up. 

The problem with most of the cough and cold medicines is that they make the person dizzy and it becomes too difficult to join the school or attend the work place. Herbal Cough Syrup by Tayyebi Healthcare is the best Unani formula which provides quick relief from cold and cough. Tayyebi Healthcare has shaped an effective and soothing formula using optimum quality natural products.
There are a number of homemade remedies to cure common cold which include honey, spices like cinnamon, black pepper, ginger etc and they are effective but often provide relief slowly. Take Suazol, herbal medicine for cough along with these and get quick relief from the problems. Even for children the herbal Cough Syrup is a good and safe option.

At times cough and cold persist for a very long time and becomes painful too, Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare's Suazol Herbal Cough Syrup can cure your whole family from endless cold and nasty cough. The natural ingredients also provide relief from asthma and sore throat. It is a natural and easy way for rapid relief.

The herbal medicine for cough relieves the pain and symptoms of cough and builds immune resistance. For children this formula is quiet effective as they need a strong immune system in their developing stage. Suazol is effective and not only equipped to fight off but also prevent the infection to reoccur in near future.

The composition of herbal medicine by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare comprises of herbs which have been scientifically proven to restore health. They have been cleverly chosen by experienced experts and mixed by specific formulas to provide quick relief from cold and cough. It dosage and contents are methodically calculated to provide relief. The syrup is safe with a moderate taste.

Friday, 15 January 2016

As a child I was never worried that I was fat, what I feared was that what others will think about me and how they would criticize me. It was too difficult to make choices between healthy meals and junk until at a certain age I realized what was good for me.

Obesity is a common problem today in most of the places around the globe; the number is increasing day by day. To reduce weight is not easy and for few it is a lifelong battle. Markets are flooded with weight loss pills but what questions rise is that
  • Are they really helpful?
  • Are they safe?
Battle with obesity is not easy, people have tried many weight loss plans and diets but hardly any work. Once you stop your diet plan everything returns back to usual. Exercising, walking, swimming, aerobics, jogging, yoga are few best ways to naturally lose weight but they require time.
Herbal or Unani medicines are also another good way to lose weight naturally; these traditional medicines are made using the best quality herbs from the nature at Tayyebi herbal healthcare. They are carefully chosen and combined together by the experts who have complete knowledge in the area to prepare high quality weight loss syrup. These herbal weight loss products have no artificial ingredients in it but are safe for losing weight and toning up the body.
Natural Weight Loss Medicine usually speeds up the metabolism and burn the excessive fat which is stored in your body. Natural herbs are beneficial and usually serve more than 1 purpose, along with losing weight they are also responsible for a healthy being. Few of them also increase body's defence system to fight against diseases. They are not dangerous or unsafe like other over the counter medicines.
The weight loss syrup by Tayebbi Healthcare contains natural ingredients like Ajwain, Zeera, Podina and Mako which are all safe and proven to work effectively also strengthening stomach and liver. To know more about herbal products log on to http://tayyebi.com.pk/ all the products are of high quality prepared with finest natural herbs which are all safe and not risky.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

When we were small I remember my parents use to give me home made remedies to treat simple problems like common cold and stomach ache. We had honey, yogurt, ginger with tea, lemon or things like this to cure us. These restored our health; medicines were the last resort to give if we were not healing which hardly happened. May be this has kept us strong even today, but today's generation has become so dependent on medicines that even simple illnesses are not cured without it.

Our nature is blessed with so many natural herbs to take benefit from; the problem today is that we have preferred chemical therapies over nutrition. Antibiotics do heal quickly but they don't let the body become powerful enough to fight the germs, yes at times they are needed but not always. Cough, allergy, Asthma, sore throat are common and Tayyebi Herbal healthcare's Suazol is an excellent syrup naturally made with high quality herbal products which can provide quick relief from cold and cough.

Herbal syrup

Herbal medicine for cough has no artificial chemicals within it and it relieves the person from exhausting and uncomfortable feeling which is usually caused in cough, allergy, asthma and sore throat. People often relate winters with flu season, cold and viruses are passed at workplaces and schools. One sibling catches cough and all the family members become sick one after the other. Try using herbal Cough Syrup Suazol, before starting off with heavy antibiotics. You will surely be amazed with the results.


Antibiotics are no doubt essential, many major illnesses and surgeries cannot be safely conducted without it but is it always necessary that we depend on it even to cure small illness. In the post antibiotic era people were strong enough to fight against common infections, they lived longer lives with good health, staying active and strong. Problems which they felt in their old ages like backache today even a teen has it. This is all because we have given high preferences to chemicals and replaced it with nature's products.

One major drawback of antibiotic is that today people have taken so many antibiotics that even the bacteria's and viruses have become resistant to it. This means even higher or stronger doses have to be produced day by day taking human civilisation to worst health routes. Misuse of antibiotics can be a tragedy for human race.
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