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Monday, 9 October 2017

Typhoid is a bacterial contamination described by intestinal turmoil, fever, and rash. The signs including a headache, constipation, loss of hungriness, extraordinary tiredness leave you weak once you get rid of typhoid.The disease influences your immunity and stomach related framework.

Measles is a viral infection that is exceedingly contagious. It can spread from individual to individual through contact with mucus or salivation of the infected individual. Your danger of getting infected is significantly expanded when you drink from the glass of somebody who has it. Coughing or sneezing additionally causes the infection, which can live for a number of hours.

Khamira Marwarid is a special Unani formulation containing Marwarid (Pearl) which serves as an excellent heart relaxant. Prescribed for weakness after measles and typhoid, this compound strengthens the heart, removes excess body heat and helps rejuvenate the body. For more information visit us at http://tayyebi.com.pk/khamira/khamira-marwarid

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