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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Reproduction ensures existence of all types of species. Eggs from both man and woman meet to form a fetus. It is the whole miracle by Allah, how the individual comes into the world. In humans, the offspring is the result of genetic material being shared equally between the woman cell, ova and the man's sperms.

Reproductive organ is one the most important parts in the body and is responsible for a number of functions. But many physical and psychological diseases have lead to malfunctioning of this organ. People have tried many medicines, most common being Viagra, but the side effects are miserable.

Beware! All medicines are not safe
Pharmacies are filled with ample of options to heal the reproductive organ. Even sale of these medicines have been doubled in coming years but most of them result in headaches, stomach ache, stuffy nose, swelling on face and even hormonal imbalance in later years of life. The medicines do improve the erectile dysfunction and sexual desire but are they safe in longer run? Or are just emptying the pockets for temporary desire.

Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has better option; Lubu-be-Kabir Qism-e-Ala, a safe herbal medicine prepared using high quality fresh herbs, fruits and minerals which strengthen the reproductive organ without having any side effects. The herbal medicine is completely safe and helps in improving erection, duration of intercourse and thickens the seminal fluid.

Lubu-be-Kabir Qism-e-Ala
Lubub Kabir by Herbal Healthcare have shown positive results and many people have benefited from it. The herbs are finely chosen at Herbal Healthcare and then processed which protects their natural properties ensuring complete reliability in their medicines. The combination of Amber (Physter macrocephalus), Darchini (Cinnamomum cassia), Jaifal (Myristica fragrans), Jawatri (Myristica fragrans), Magz Akhrot (Juglans regia), Magz Pista (Pistacia vera) and many other ingredients which are naturally known for their healing properties are combined in Lubu be Kabir.

Nutritional advice
But obviously, the herbal medicine would only affect if the person is healthy. They are not magic wands which when spun show instant results. The drugs would treat the individual naturally which have to be supported by nutritional food intake and healthy lifestyle. Replace fresh food with frozen packets, eat more green and fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid junk and fast food and keep habit of walking and exercising regularly.
We see, hear, touch, smell, and taste because of our brain. Our brain has the control of our entire body, but our brain is controlled by our heart and heart beats. If our heart stops our whole body stops working and we die.

Our heart is the reason we are still alive in this world. But what if our heart gets weak? Our heart plays an important role in our lives and it is important to take care of our heart. We will stay healthy if our heart will be healthy. Therefore Tayyebi Dawakhana provides Khamira Abrasham Hakim Arshadwala which regularizes heartbeat and improves blood circulation. It recovers our circulatory system and recovers our body from any illness by rejuvenating it.

The herbal medicine Khamira Abrasham Hakim Arshadwala is a composition of herbal products like Zaffran, Abresham, Arq-e-Gulaab, Sandal Safed and many other which nourishes our heart and blood vessels. Diseases like general debility, melancholia, palpitation and tachycardia are treated by this herbal product by Tayyebi. Visit http://tayyebi.com.pk/khamira/khamira-abrasham-hakim-arshadwala and make your heart active and healthy.

What if you have gone for an outing with your friends and everybody around you is eating delicious food and you're on a typical diet? Dieting is not that easy as it seems while started but obesity is very common among people and everybody desires about having a slim and smart figure. Spending whole day sitting in front of a TV and eating unhealthy and tasteless food won't help one in losing weight. Why not trying something natural and reliable? Arq Obesol from Tayyebi is all you need. It is all natural as well as designed from herbal and nutritious ingredients which will help one in losing weight without any side effects. Arq Obesol Made from the distillates of fat burning herbs, it is a safe and effective herbal medicine for losing weight and toning up your body. It is free from any artificial coloring and chemicals and is the pure and natural way to get in shape without harming the body. Arq Obesol has Ajwain, Zeera, Podina and Mako which have proven carminative properties and strengthen the stomach and liver. Arq Obesol helps burn excessive fat, aids in digestion, improves liver function, regulates bowel movement and reduces intestinal swelling. It eliminates lethargy and energizes the body so you can lead a healthy active lifestyle.
Arq Obesol has multifarious solutions for many such as:
  • Indigestion
  • Intestinal Swelling
  • Lethargy
  • Obesity
Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare has a history of healing herbs and cannot harm, they show positive results and are being used successfully since ages. Cure your problem now with a reliable solution

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Our lives are getting tough with the modern age. Physical works are getting lesser with the advancement in technology therefore; people are relying on the mental source. Going through life, facing different challenges and obstacles can sometimes make an individual mentally weak.

Another problem which is common among people nowadays is mental fatigue. Basically, it is a condition due to excessive mental tiredness. While some experience indication of mental fatigue from time to time, it often leads to serious problems, including reduced productivity, poor performance, and defected physical functioning.

Tayyebi is working for the betterment of people through providing quality herbal medicines from past years. The medicine is totally free from all kind of side effects as well as provides quick solutions for many huge infections and diseases.

While looking at the common problems among people Tayyebi provides solutions for the mental health. Khamira Gaozaban Amberi Jawaharwala, which is as powerful as its name. It is a widely prescribed compound of the Unani pharmacopeia, and an excellent cerebral tonic and relaxant. It contains Gaozaban (Borage), Badaranj Boya (Nepeta Herb), Sandal Safed (Sandal) and many other herbs and minerals which make it a powerful nervine tonic. It can be used to treat several problems such as mental weakness, mental fatigue, migraine, melancholia, nervous stress and respiratory infection. Treat your diseases and infections through a reliable source.
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