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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Over the last ten to fifteen years our lifestyles have changed tremendously; healthy food has replaced junks, quick microwave cooking is preferred over the traditional style, even many foods have been replaced with antidotes in the form of pills but is this all equally healthy or are we just poisoning ourselves? Can natural minerals, vitamins and other elements replace man made products?

It was humorously said somewhere that we live in a place where lemonade is made from artificial flavors but the dish washers or furniture polish is made from real lemons. In the same manner our nature is blessed with countless miracles but we turn towards artificial solutions to cure us.

Sinusitis is a very common problem nowadays and many people are suffering, even in few cases the infection spreads to ears, throat and lungs. It is often followed with headache and migraine. No doubt that there are lots of medicines available for sinusitis but it is best cured with herbal products which carry in them a blend of all healing powers.

Herbal remedy for sinusitis

Chhikni by Tayyebi herbal healthcare is a natural formula containing natural boosters to heal the problem of sinusitis, migraine, headache, cold and runny nose. It is a blend of camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil, which are medically proven herbs used for decongestant effects. Even Chhikni provides relief against dryness, itching and cold in dry and cold weather.

Unlike synthetic medicines and heavy doses of antibiotics, herbal drugs have shown better results for longer time. They do act slowly and results are not immediate but more lasting then the artificial types. Just take a small amount of Chhikni powder and sniff it in the way that it reaches the inside of the nostrils till the tip of the nasal bone and you will feel much relieved and refreshed.

Home remedies to cure sinusitis

Simple remedies to try at home for the treatment of sinusitis include

· steam inhalation of basil leaves
· Proper exercise, yoga, intake of healthy fruit along with right fruits and veggies and an active lifestyle
· Ginger with honey or ginger with jaggery is also a good reliever especially for cold and runny nose.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Could there be a herbal product for skincare, hair and health? The answer is yes! Sweet Almond Oil has been the best kept secret to sooth dry skin, grow thick long hair and strong nails, get rid of the dark circles around the eyes and even prevent stretch marks! 100% pure sweet almond oil is loaded with essential vitamins for beauty, such as A, D and E.

Making it ideal not only as a hair and skin care product but also to treat skin disorders. Almond oil does not have a greasy effect and it is not pore clogging and absorbs quickly into your skin. There are a variety of ways to use it to moisturize, soften, smooth and even the skin.

Almond oil had been used extensively for its health benefits and as a beauty aid much before science caught up with the goodness of this seed oil. Tayyebi Dawakhana offers the almond oil which is not only used to apply in the scalp but offers other benefits too if consumed. Tayyebi’s Sweet Almonds Oil is extracted from real almonds.The oil is sweet in taste and has benefits that just might amaze you! This wonder oil works like magic on your skin, hair and face.

If your skin is dry, and gets even drier in winter, a massage with almond oil is all that you need. Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer and lubricant, which prevents the skin from drying and keeps you free from chapped and peeling skin. Benefits of sweet almond oil for skin primarily lie on its soothing and relaxing effect not only to the skin but also to the overall senses. It delays aging, nourishes the skin, moisturizes dry skin, relieves from constipation and fights against eczema.

Almond oil benefits our hair tremendously. For luxurious growth, hair requires nutrients and protection from harsh elements. The best way that one can revive dull and unhealthy hair is by applying almond oil. It controls hair fall, smooths out dry hair, enhances hair growth and thickens hair.

For decades Tayyebi Dawakhana serves its clients the best natural herbal products which visibly shows its effects on an individual without having any kind of its side effects. Tayyebi Dawakhana has been the solution provider for various diseases and illnesses for years. Tayyebi Dawakhana has been making this promise and delivering as per, for now more than 2 centuries.
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