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Friday, 15 January 2016

As a child I was never worried that I was fat, what I feared was that what others will think about me and how they would criticize me. It was too difficult to make choices between healthy meals and junk until at a certain age I realized what was good for me.

Obesity is a common problem today in most of the places around the globe; the number is increasing day by day. To reduce weight is not easy and for few it is a lifelong battle. Markets are flooded with weight loss pills but what questions rise is that
  • Are they really helpful?
  • Are they safe?
Battle with obesity is not easy, people have tried many weight loss plans and diets but hardly any work. Once you stop your diet plan everything returns back to usual. Exercising, walking, swimming, aerobics, jogging, yoga are few best ways to naturally lose weight but they require time.
Herbal or Unani medicines are also another good way to lose weight naturally; these traditional medicines are made using the best quality herbs from the nature at Tayyebi herbal healthcare. They are carefully chosen and combined together by the experts who have complete knowledge in the area to prepare high quality weight loss syrup. These herbal weight loss products have no artificial ingredients in it but are safe for losing weight and toning up the body.
Natural Weight Loss Medicine usually speeds up the metabolism and burn the excessive fat which is stored in your body. Natural herbs are beneficial and usually serve more than 1 purpose, along with losing weight they are also responsible for a healthy being. Few of them also increase body's defence system to fight against diseases. They are not dangerous or unsafe like other over the counter medicines.
The weight loss syrup by Tayebbi Healthcare contains natural ingredients like Ajwain, Zeera, Podina and Mako which are all safe and proven to work effectively also strengthening stomach and liver. To know more about herbal products log on to http://tayyebi.com.pk/ all the products are of high quality prepared with finest natural herbs which are all safe and not risky.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

When we were small I remember my parents use to give me home made remedies to treat simple problems like common cold and stomach ache. We had honey, yogurt, ginger with tea, lemon or things like this to cure us. These restored our health; medicines were the last resort to give if we were not healing which hardly happened. May be this has kept us strong even today, but today's generation has become so dependent on medicines that even simple illnesses are not cured without it.

Our nature is blessed with so many natural herbs to take benefit from; the problem today is that we have preferred chemical therapies over nutrition. Antibiotics do heal quickly but they don't let the body become powerful enough to fight the germs, yes at times they are needed but not always. Cough, allergy, Asthma, sore throat are common and Tayyebi Herbal healthcare's Suazol is an excellent syrup naturally made with high quality herbal products which can provide quick relief from cold and cough.

Herbal syrup

Herbal medicine for cough has no artificial chemicals within it and it relieves the person from exhausting and uncomfortable feeling which is usually caused in cough, allergy, asthma and sore throat. People often relate winters with flu season, cold and viruses are passed at workplaces and schools. One sibling catches cough and all the family members become sick one after the other. Try using herbal Cough Syrup Suazol, before starting off with heavy antibiotics. You will surely be amazed with the results.


Antibiotics are no doubt essential, many major illnesses and surgeries cannot be safely conducted without it but is it always necessary that we depend on it even to cure small illness. In the post antibiotic era people were strong enough to fight against common infections, they lived longer lives with good health, staying active and strong. Problems which they felt in their old ages like backache today even a teen has it. This is all because we have given high preferences to chemicals and replaced it with nature's products.

One major drawback of antibiotic is that today people have taken so many antibiotics that even the bacteria's and viruses have become resistant to it. This means even higher or stronger doses have to be produced day by day taking human civilisation to worst health routes. Misuse of antibiotics can be a tragedy for human race.
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