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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, gout, osteoarthritis and many other diseases have become common nowadays. Hospitals and Clinics are crowded with such places; one of the major causes of these life threatening diseases is Obesity. People have forgotten to eat healthy food, junk and oily food is preferred more, life styles have changed, exercising is reduced and machines have replaced human efforts.

People often wonder how much they should weigh depending on their height and age. Height and age play an important role in the calculation of weight. BMI formula can be used to find out the weight one should have. Taking care is important, everyone's weight might differ but it should be relevant to ones BMI in order to stay healthy and fit.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
The BMI is the calculator for your body; one method is to use the BMI metric system in which the weight in kilograms is separated by square of elevation in meters. The other method is Imperial system in which first we have to calculate the weight and then increase it by 703. The answer is then divided by square of your height in inches.
The people are categorized based on their BMI ratings. They are undernourished, normal, overweight or obese. Few ratings vary at different places. If your BMI comes in overweight or obese ratings you have to be careful. Obesity is the chief cause of illnesses. Choose Unani or herbal syrups which would aid in losing weight.

Weight loss syrup
Controlling weight gain is important, Natural Weight Loss Medicine Arq Obesol by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare is an effective herbalweight loss product. It is a traditional medicine using fine quality herbs prepared with conventional methods for losing weight. Internet and books are filled with weight losing tips, but are they safe or effective or can they be harmful?

Taking wrong drugs can be life threatening
Every other person has a different weight losing technique; newspapers and social media websites are filled with slimming pills and formulas but what do they actually contain or what if they don't suit you it can be dangerous to health. Don't just try any pill, they would be like quack life threat. Even we have heard of many bad incidents when due to adverse reactions huge mishaps occur and even people have lost their lives.

Arq Obesol by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare is a completely safe product prepared with high quality herbal products. It is fee from artificial colouring and chemicals and is a natural formula to shape your body. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Since the onset of winters Cough, cold and different allergy has spread out in the air. There is hardly any home where no one has been sick, viruses are spread over at schools and workplaces. Children are mostly its victims; they catch the flue in school from their peers and bring it home. It seems as if cough and cold is a necessary part of growing up. 

The problem with most of the cough and cold medicines is that they make the person dizzy and it becomes too difficult to join the school or attend the work place. Herbal Cough Syrup by Tayyebi Healthcare is the best Unani formula which provides quick relief from cold and cough. Tayyebi Healthcare has shaped an effective and soothing formula using optimum quality natural products.
There are a number of homemade remedies to cure common cold which include honey, spices like cinnamon, black pepper, ginger etc and they are effective but often provide relief slowly. Take Suazol, herbal medicine for cough along with these and get quick relief from the problems. Even for children the herbal Cough Syrup is a good and safe option.

At times cough and cold persist for a very long time and becomes painful too, Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare's Suazol Herbal Cough Syrup can cure your whole family from endless cold and nasty cough. The natural ingredients also provide relief from asthma and sore throat. It is a natural and easy way for rapid relief.

The herbal medicine for cough relieves the pain and symptoms of cough and builds immune resistance. For children this formula is quiet effective as they need a strong immune system in their developing stage. Suazol is effective and not only equipped to fight off but also prevent the infection to reoccur in near future.

The composition of herbal medicine by Tayyebi Herbal Healthcare comprises of herbs which have been scientifically proven to restore health. They have been cleverly chosen by experienced experts and mixed by specific formulas to provide quick relief from cold and cough. It dosage and contents are methodically calculated to provide relief. The syrup is safe with a moderate taste.
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