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Monday, 17 August 2015

Physical and mental healths are factors which determine the overall well being of a person. If one of the other recedes in its performance its implications could be felt in the entire existence of the person. Similarly a person would be termed as healthy and fit only if he satisfies both the above conditions of mental and physical well being.

Tayyebi Dawakhana for years of offering their services in the overall well being, physical and mental fitness of an individual has made their mark in the world of Unani and Tibbi medicines worldwide. Today herbal medicines are concerned less harmful, with more lasting results, and rightly so. With minimum side effects and maximum health benefits with evident results the medications of Tayyebi Dawakhana are indeed promising and have been so since a long time.

Shahi- the most successful and demanded product of Tayyebi Dawakhana is used for the mental and physical balance and health of individuals. It strengthens the functions of the body and creates immunity against various life threatening diseases and everyday illnesses.

It is a high content of vitamins dose ideal for young children and growing teenagers. It enhances memory and strengthens bones and muscles of the body. It takes care of the issues of the females with high folic acid content restoring lost blood levels and eradicating the symptoms of weakness and disorder.

Tayyebi Dawakhana has been very successful to date with its herbal medicines venture and Shahi is one of the flagship products of Tayyabi Dawakhana giving it a name which is synonymous to excellence and quality. Tayyebi Dawakhana’s maintenance to quality standards and upkeep of their brands has made significant difference to the ever increasing demand of Tayyebi’s products. The products especially Shahi is demanded worldwide and is used lavishly in many countries across many cultures.
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